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Duke University Medical Center

Duke Hospice

Year of Design: 2007

Project Construction Budget: $3.5 million

Project Description: The project  involved the construction of an approximately 14,000 square feet new building in Durham, North Carolina to provide housing and support for hospice patients who are seeking palliative end of life care.  The space will include two pods with six patient rooms each, family room, kitchen and associated support areas.


Eye Center Renovations

Year of Design: 2005

Project Budget: $542,000

Project Description: Project consisted of 7000 square feet renovation of the eye center.  Spring Stoops McCullen Engineering was responsible for all aspects of the HVAC, plumbing and electrical  design.  The project expanded the number of exam rooms for the facility.


Markert Lab Renovation

Year of Design: 2005

Project Budget: $200,000

Project Description: Project consisted of a 2,400 square feet renovation of existing lab and office space in the Research IV building to accommodate a new clean room and laboratory for Dr. Markert.  The renovation included a new heating and cooling system for a class 100,000 clean room, variable speed HEPA fan terminal units, room pressurization monitoring, and heat/fume exhaust.  Plumbing included new lab sinks and gases.  Electrical systems included emergency power, fire alarm and lighting modifications.



Radiation Oncology Renovations

Year of Design: 2005

Project Budget: $175,000

Project Description: Project consisted of 850 square feet of renovation to house new radiology equipment.  The HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems were renovated to accommodate a room function change.


Duke Hospital South Yellow Zone AHU Study

Year of Design: 2004

Project Description: Spring Stoops McCullen Engineering performed this study which evaluated the feasibility of incorporating multiple air handling systems into one large air handling system.  Ceiling space was investigated to determine possible routes for new ducts to connect the existing systems to the new system.  The new air handler will be located on the roof of an interior courtyard area.  Possible entry points through the exterior wall will also be investigated.


Renovations to ORs 15 and 17

Year of Design: 2006

Project Description:  The subject project involves the renovation of operating rooms 15 & 17 to allow for the installation of a new Berchtold Boom in each of the rooms. Anticipated additions and changes include: structural steel support, supply air diffuser modifications, lighting modifications, and the possible relocation of utilities in the interstitial space above the rooms to allow for the structural steel.


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