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Durham Regional Hospital


New Chiller, Cooling Tower and Generator

Year of Design: 2011

Project Description: The project includes replacement of existing Chiller #2, primary chilled water pump, and refrigerant alarm system.  Also included is an expansion of the existing generator room to allow for the installation of a new generator for the chiller and upgrades to the electrical gear.  Design also includes a new cooling tower and condenser water pumps. The sprinkler system will be expanded for the generator building.



ED Entry, Waiting and Triage

Year of Design: 2011

Project Description:  The project scope consists of 2900 square feet of renovation to the existing Waiting Room and Triage. The renovation included modification to the sprinkler and plumbing systems system and HVAC air distribution. Electrical changes included lighting, power, fire alarm and nurse call. The project also included utilities for a temporary mobile ER and renovation of an existing covered walkway.


Nuclear Medicine

Year of Design: 2012

Project Description:  The project scope consists of a 2700 square feet  renovation for Spect/CT, Spect Imaging, a single head camera, control room, hot lab (designed per USP 797), 3 holding bays, uptake room, 2 injection rooms, tech work room, managerĎs office, and waiting.  The project construction will be done in three phases.




Outpatient Entry and Pre-Op Clinic

Year of Design: 2011

Project Description: The renovation created a new hospital entry for the outpatient/pre-op services. The space included and large waiting area, registration, exam rooms, x-ray and other support space. The existing fire protection, plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems were modified to accommodate the renovation.




Sprinklers for All Non-Sprinklered Areas

Year of Design: 2011

Project Description:  The project added sprinklers to approximately 165,000 square feet of non-sprinklered areas of the main hospital and roughly 30,000 square feet of the Watts Building. At the completion of the project, the building was fully sprinklered. The sprinkler systems included wet and dry systems. In addition, special areas were covered with pre-action systems and a clean agent system.




400 ton Chiller Replacement

Year of Design: 2004

Construction Cost: $600,000

Project Description: Replace existing 400 ton chiller with new 750 ton chiller; replace chilled water pump; replace chilled and condenser water piping; provide power from existing switchgear.  Construction was completed in 2005.



Bariatric Suite 6th Floor

Year of Design: 2007

Project Description: The project involved renovating a portion of Wing 6-3 at Durham Regional Hospital.  Eleven patient rooms were demolished and six new rooms were created for bariatric patient use.  Rooms included larger toilets and have single and double beds.  A Pixis room and Nourishment room were also created.  The HVAC system utilized existing duct mains in the chases with new terminal reheat units.  The existing reheat units on the exterior walls were removed and the risers affected by the renovation were re-routed.  Electrical systems consisted of power, lighting, fire alarm and telecommunication conduit. New sprinklers tied onto the existing standpipe in the stair.  Plumbing consisted of upgrades to the medical gas, waste and water piping to accommodate the renovation. 


Cath Lab Renovations

Year of Design: 2008

Project Description: Project Description: Evaluated new equipment cooling load and modified existing air distribution.  The existing room did not have low returns in opposite corners. All air was returned at the ceiling. To comply with DHSR, low return air grilles were added.  An additional split system was added to accommodate the load in the new computer equipment room.


Chest Pain Clinic

Year:  2005

Project Description:  Project consisted of approximately 1,500 square feet of renovation for a 23-hour outpatient observation/treatment suite.  Unit will move emergency department patients with cardiac symptoms to unit for observation and treatment.  A new sprinkler system for the area was created from an existing standpipe riser.


Cooling Tower Replacement
Year of Design: 2006
Project Description:
Project includes the design and construction administration for the replacement of the existing BAC Cooling Tower. The project includes the replacement of existing structural support steel and modifications to the steel to support the new towers, modifications to the existing condenser water piping, specifications for a temporary cooling tower to be used during the replacement, and modifications to the controls, electrical systems and VFDs as needed.

ED Treatment Rooms

Year of Design: 2008

Project Description: The scope involved the conversion of 5 rooms in the Emergency Department to Treatment Rooms.  Fire Protection included removing and replacing heads to accommodate wall removal or ceiling changes.  Plumbing included new wall mounted lavatory and medical gases (Air, Oxygen, Vacuum) for each room.  HVAC included evaluating the cooling load and modifying existing air distribution.  Electrical included removing existing lighting and re-installing for new ceiling.  Modifications to the existing power were required to accommodate the change in room function. 


ED X-Ray Room Renovation

Year of Design: 2009

Project Description: The project involved the upgrade of the existing radiology equipment in the X-Ray room of the emergency department. Fire Protection included the removal and replacement of the sprinkler heads to accommodate the ceiling and wall changes.  Plumbing included removal and replacement of existing sink and medical gases.  HVAC included minor modifications to accommodate the ceiling and wall changes.  Electrical included modifications to the existing power to accommodate the equipment change-out. Philips provided used in determining the power requirements. Modifications of existing lighting and power were made to accommodate the new ceiling and wall configurations.    Spring Stoops McCullen Engineering was the lead designer and the architect was the consultant.


Facility Condition Assessment

Year of Design: 2004

Project Description:  Spring Stoops McCullen performed a condition assessment of the hospitalís major pieces of equipment.  This study evaluated the condition, life expectancy and capacity of existing mechanical and electrical systems for this 674,096 square foot facility.  Included 24 air handling systems, 5 chillers, 5 steam boilers, plumbing systems, emergency generators, switchgear, fire alarm and specialty systems.  The study prioritized equipment replacement needs.


ICU/CCU Renovation

Year of Design: 2006
Total project budget:$4.6 Million

Project Description: Project consisted of 11,000 square feet renovation of the Intensive Care and Critical Care Units. Spring Stoops McCullen Engineering responsible for the complete removal of the existing air distribution and installation of air handler, ductwork, piping and diffusers. The sprinklers were hydraulically designed.  Plumbing design included fixtures for restroom spaces, treatment rooms and patient rooms, waste vent and water piping systems, medical gas systems and connection to existing water and sewer systems within the facility.  Electrical design included general lighting, normal and emergency power, life safety systems, provisions for telecommunication systems and nurse's call.


Interiors Renovation and Nurseís Station

Year of Design: 2005

Project Budget: $1,500,000

Project Description: Project consisted of a renovating seven existing nurseís station in the patient tower.  The nurseís stations were modified from being totally enclosed to being open to the corridor with modular casework.  The renovation included new lighting, power, fire alarm, nurse call, telephone/data services, air distribution and plumbing needs. 


Linear Accelerator Renovation

Year of Design: 2006
Project Description:
The  project involves the renovation of the existing Linear Accelerator Vault and Control Room.  The project included modifications to the existing ductwork feeding the existing areas, extension of the pneumatic controls and cooling water modifications for the new radiology equipment.  Plumbing fixtures, waste, vent and water piping  and medical gas were designed to connect to the existing systems within the facility.   General lighting and power was provided with normal and emergency power.  Life safety systems were designed to include fire alarm and emergency exit lighting. Empty conduit was provided for telecommunications, telephone, data, nurse's call and connection for radiology equipment.


Medical Gas Relocation

Year of Design: 2007

Project Description: The project involved the installation of Nitrous Oxide and Nitrogen tanks in the existing Trash Room located near the loading dock and provisions for the Owner to relocate the emergency backup oxygen tank.  The HVAC scope of work included heating and ventilation for the tank room.  The plumbing scope included modifications to the existing tank site, new Nitrous Oxide and Nitrogen Manifolds, control panels and piping, connection to the existing medical gas mains in the tunnel and reconnection to the medical gas master alarm panels and oxygen piping connection for the relocated reserve tank.  The electrical scope included lighting and power for the renovated area and equipment.


Renovation to Operating Rooms 5 and 6

Year of Design: 2006
Project Description: 
Renovation included extending sprinklers into the two rooms and installing sprinklers in the corridor.  Existing medical gas columns were removed and a new medical gas column was installed per room, with piping for Nitrogen and CO2.  A zone valve box for Nitrogen and CO2 and a new alarm panel for CO2 were provided in each room.  New supply air distribution was provided.  Existing lighting was removed and replaced with lighting around the perimeter of the room with dimming system.  Power and data was provided as needed for new equipment, documentation station and elapsed time clock.


Sprinkler Upgrades

Year of Design: 2009
Project Description:
Design only for new sprinklers in all the remaining areas of the hospital.  Total area is estimated to be 295,332 square feet.


Step-Down Unit, Wing 6-3

Year of Design: 2008

Project Description: The project involved renovating 4 patient rooms on wing 6-3. The existing rooms were renovated to be used for step-down unit for patients leaving the ICU. The requirements for the rooms followed the DHSR guidelines and correspondence with that office. The HVAC system was modified to accommodate low air returns in two opposing locations.  The electrical systems consisted of miscellaneous modifications with no isolated power required.  The plumbing consisted of upgrades to the medical gas to accommodate the same requirements as a Recovery area based on correspondence with DHSR. Medical air was added to the area.


Women's Services Upgrades

Year of Design: 2009
Project Description:
Project included the following areas: 155 Sq. Foot renovation to convert the existing flu clinic space to reception. This involved modifications to fire protection, HVAC and electrical systems.  325 Sq. Ft. renovation to convert the existing respite nursery to functions displaced by the nurseís station renovation.  650 Sq. Ft. renovation to convert the existing nurse station, med room, conference room and soiled holding to nursery respite, nurseís station, medication Room.  520 Sq. Ft. renovation to convert the existing newborn nursery and gallery to anti-room, formula, two toilets, janitor and dumbwaiter.  105 Sq. Ft. renovation to convert the existing OB-GYN midwives room to nurse manager office. 365 Sq. Ft. renovation to convert the existing nursery lounge, locker room, toilet and residentís lounge to storage, MD office and exam room. 370 Sq. Ft. renovation to convert the existing janitorís closet, staff toilet, patient shower, patient bath and ice room to workroom, janitor, patient shower and equipment alcove. 400 Sq. Ft. renovation to convert the existing toilet, female lounge and pass-thru to soiled storage, clean storage, equipment alcove and staff toilet.  5,350 Sq. Ft. renovation to replace the existing corridor ceiling. Existing light fixtures were replaced. Existing HVAC diffusers, sprinkler heads, fire alarm devices, speakers, etc. were removed and relocated.  The ceiling was raised, shower, sink and toilet were replaced and nurse call, med gas and ceiling light were replaced and exam lights were added in 34 patient rooms.  



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